Saving money on heating your holiday home

There are hundreds of thousands of different holiday homes to rent in the UK. One website alone,, features more than 10,000 holiday cottages across England, Scotland and Wales, plus 650 more in Ireland. Now that summer is around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about improving the heating regime at your holiday home. HeatingSave is tailor-made for holiday homes – or even business premises – that are infrequently used.

People either register holiday homes with websites to take advantage of the tourist market, or city-dwellers keep a small place in the country in order to escape to at weekends. The most popular locations for holiday homes include the Cotswolds, Cumbria, Wales, the West Country, Scotland, and the Norfolk Broads. Picture the scene – you have finally reached your destination after a stressful week, but because of the weather the cottage is freezing cold. You switch on the heating and the place just about gets warmed up – just before you leave.

If however you installed a HeatingSave intelligent, programmable central heating system things would be different. Apart from running the heating more efficiently and with automatic fuel-economic frost protection, you could have told the HeatingSave controller you were coming using your PC. Connect to the HeatingSave controller via the Internet. If you don’t have an Internet connection in the cottage, just phone line; then connect one of modems to the phone line to do the same job. The big benefit of HeatingSave is it acts as a house monitor when the dwelling is empty as well as having it warm for when you arrive. From your main home you can use your PC to download the transactions log to see how well the heating is running or to check if anyone has been there via the PIR occupancy sensors.

HeatingSave also switches on the immersion heater at the latest possible moment to get your hot water to the right temperature at the right time – thus saving you money on your electricity bill.

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