Scottish Power energy bills to go up by 8.6% starting from December

Following the rest of the “Big Six” energy suppliers, Scottish Power has also announced that, starting with December, it plans to push up dual-fuel bills by 8.6%.

According to a news report on the matter, the move will affect roughly 2.2 million Scottish Power customers, who’ll be forced to pay an extra £113 on their average annual dual-fuel bill (set to reach £1,424) as of December 6.

Nevertheless, different areas of the country will face different price increases. For example, the rise will be 10.2% on average in southern England, but will be restricted to around 7.3% in some areas of Scotland.

Scottish Power has already received its share of the spotlight this week, since energy market regulator Ofgem said that Scottish Power customers were misled during sales approaches due to the firm’s failure to “adequately train and monitor” staff.

The company apologised for the errors between 2009 and 2012, and has set up a £1m customer compensation fund for customers who believe they have been mis-sold to. It also said it would pay £7.5m to the 140,000 customers it has on the government-led “warm home discount scheme” aimed at supporting customers who are likely to be at risk of fuel poverty, as part of the penalty.

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