UK energy bills are actually lower than those in the most of the EU, report reveals

Despite being quite a sensitive topic lately, the truth of the matter is that UK energy bills are regularly among the lowest in the whole of the European Union, according to the Finnish energy consultancy VaasaETT.

According to a news report on this topic, the Finish consultancy has carried out monthly EU household energy comparisons for the past four years, the results painting a very interesting picture regarding the UK’s position on the topic, compared to some of the other European markets.

Figures reveal that a typical household’s annual electricity bill in Berlin, Copenhagen or Dublin this year was at least 34 per cent higher than one in London. Parisians’ electricity bills were 3 per cent lower in 2013, but they typically paid 10 per cent more for gas than Londoners. In Rome, gas bills were 34 per cent above those in London, while in Copenhagen they were 28 per cent higher.

It’s also quite interesting to note that UK residents also spend a smaller percentage of their income on electricity and gas than many other western EU states, and have seen smaller price rises than elsewhere.

On the other hand, the report also revealed that the UK energy suppliers’ price hikes are typically quite high, compared to their European counterparts, who typically impose more gradual increases.

Even if energy bills across the UK are indeed lower than the rest of the EU, that won’t really help the hard-pressed British consumers too much, when they’re forced to fork out a significant amount of their monthly earnings in order to keep their homes warm.

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