UK homes to burn US shale gas in 5 years’ time

Energy company Centrica has just revealed the fact that they’ve entered a deal with US company Cheniere, following which they’ll pay £10bn over 20 years for 89bn cubic feet of shale gas annually, enough to heat around 1.8-million households.
Cheniere is among the first US companies to be officially granted the right to export shale gas in the form of LNG (liquefied natural gas) by the US the federal government.
Unfortunately, this deal is not likely to have any significant, immediate effects on heating bills, given the fact that the first deliveries, by tanker, are expected in 2018.
So, it’s quite a good idea to start considering any options that will allow you to cut your bills on the long term, and the best solution for the job is the HeatingSave system.
HeatingSave enables users to cut heating bills by typically 20% to 30%+, managing to optimize the consumption levels around the home with the help of our advanced heat-loss algorithm. The algorithm enables HeatingSave to self-learn the heating characteristics of each heating zone within a house and to run the heating system in a significantly more efficient manner, reducing the amount of gas and electricity used, while also providing a very good level of comfort.
Plus, it’s also important to mention that HeatingSave works on most types of central heating systems that use natural gas, oil, solid fuel, electricity or LPG, while in the same time being quite future-proof, as it can also control renewable heating systems, such as air & ground source and wood burners.
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