Wales should invest £80m a year to tackle fuel poverty

Wales should invest £80m a year in efforts to tackle the problem of cold homes across the country and eradicate fuel poverty, Plaid Cymru has recently claimed.

The move comes as the party prepares to push for an increase in infrastructure spending equivalent to 1% of GDP. If Wales was allocated a proportionate share of the investment, the party’s Treasury spokesman claims, the nation would receive an extra £800m a year.

Calling for 10% of this sum to be used to deal with the challenge of cold homes in Wales, he predicted this would boost jobs, spur economic growth, combat climate change, and reduce the burden on the health budget.

Plaid argues the extra investment would boost the number of energy efficiency measures installed each year to 20,000. Measures could include loft or cavity wall insulation or the installation of a new boiler, central heating or renewable technology.

According to a 2011 estimate presented by National Energy Action Cymru, 29% of the Welsh population is “fuel poor” – having to spend 10% of a household’s income on staying warm.

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