Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme delivers range of benefits for vulnerable consumers

The Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme provides an extensive range of benefits for vulnerable consumers, apart from rebates to eligible customers, recent research from Ofgem was able to reveal.

The WHD is a government scheme requiring participating suppliers to provide £1.13 billion of support to those in or at risk of fuel poverty over four years. The majority of support is through rebates to eligible customers, but can also be through third parties who provide things like advice on saving energy, or help with managing energy debt.

The scheme is administered by Ofgem by monitoring and facilitating supplier compliance with their WHD obligations.

The energy market regulator’s survey found that energy advice delivered through the scheme can produce a range of benefits for vulnerable consumers, including warmer homes, a range of financial benefits, greater peace of mind and the possibility to negotiate their energy choices.

The research was carried out for Ofgem by the independent research agency OPM with consumers that had received advice from eight different energy advice services. The services ranged from a national telephone advice service to small local in-home initiatives.

While the WHD scheme is certainly a very helpful initiative, the truth of the matter is that real savings in terms of energy usage can only be achieved by implementing a proven system capable of optimizing energy expenditure within any building.

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The end result is that users still get a very good level of comfort, while in the same time saving energy and money in the process.

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