UK manufacturing sector to invest £2.5bn in clean energy by 2025, report suggests

British manufacturers could inject £2.56bn into the UK economy and cut energy consumption by nearly a third over the next decade by investing in clean technologies and efficiency measures, a recent research report from Barclays has been able to suggest.

The Barclays Corporate Banking Powering On report suggests that UK manufacturers consider energy resilience as ‘critical’ to the sectors maintaining international competition. The research also demonstrates that availability, reliability and energy costs are among high concerns for businesses, with 27% of manufacturers surveyed suggesting that energy supply is a higher concern to businesses compared to beginning of 2016.

The survey demonstrates that 75% of respondents are concerned about energy prices and almost half (46%) believe they are vulnerable to effects of energy price increases. Energy availability and reliability is also a major concern, with 58% and 45% of manufactures citing these as concerns.

With these significant risks being a point of concern throughout the industry, many manufacturers are investing in energy management technologies or have plans to within the next 12 months. Barclays states that more than a third (35%) of manufacturers are investing in energy efficiency, while 22% are negotiating lengthier energy supplier contracts, and 21% and 13% are looking into material efficiency and self-generation measures respectively.

HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS) – the perfect energy management solution to help manufacturers drive down their energy bills

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The end result is that users still get a very good level of comfort, while in the same time saving energy and money in the process.

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