HeatingSave digital input interface for fast pulses, 8 input channels, RS485 output



HeatingSave digital input interface for fast pulses, 8 input channels, RS485 output used for meter pulse counting with T3514/20.

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HeatingSave digital input interface for fast pulses with 8 input channels and RS485 output is an 8 digital input unit processing device that is used to replace switch inputs on the T3514, where the
incoming pulse train is too fast. The output is RS485, where the T3517 sits on the blue network and talks to the controlling T3514. Typically, once per minute the T3514 collects the input pulse count from the T3517 and zeros the buffer ready to count the next minutes set of pulses.

The T3517 has anti-tamper and battery backup needed and is typically used with an electric meter counting the pulses that indicate the kWhs used. The 100 amp, single phase meter commonly used by HeatingSave produces 1600 pulses per kWh used. This means that in an hour at full load the meter produces 38,400 pulses. This is 640 a minute. By using the T3517 instead of a switch input on the T3514, the T3514 is not overloaded with work.

Up to 8 electricity meters can be connected to a single T3517. The T3517 can also be programmed to:

1. Produce anti-tamper transactions
2. Produce warnings of sudden and short demand pulses during the sample period
(typically 1 minute)


Weight 1.03 kg
Dimensions 185 × 46 × 154 mm



Anti-tamper and battery backup


Up to 8 electricity meters

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