Building management systems – hospitals/healthcare

Building management systems for hospitals/healthcare organizations should be considered mission-critical systems. Many hospitals are essentially a collection of smaller buildings with multiple heating, cooling and environmental monitoring. HeatingSave can be deployed as a retrofit and as a new control for new builds and refurbishments. The advantage of HeatingSave is that it gives you total control of the whole hospital from one integrated system, including security and access control – at a price that you can afford.

The energy monitoring part of the HeatingSave building management systems for hospitals is particularly useful enabling minute-by-minute analysis with Text alerts and email messages advising when usage is over target. Our graphical display system allows the user to overlay energy consumption with occupancy, temperatures and other monitoring data on the same timeline. This means that you can view this to determine cause & effect analysis so as to take remedial action.

Heating is a big cost to care homes

The 2nd biggest cost for many care homes after labour is heating. Given the pressures on the cost of running these facilities it’s important to make sure that energy and heating fuel expenditure is kept to a minimum. HeatingSave is a great retrofit to your existing heating system and will enable you to trim heating whilst at the same time keeping comfort conditions. Environmental monitoring is also a cheap and simple add-on to the HeatingSave system, providing you with the data to prove due diligence to your customers.

Door access control

Adding smart card access control to your front door and other secure areas is cheap and easy when you install a HeatingSave system. The advantage of our smart cards are that they read through anything non-metallic at a distance of around 5 inches, meaning that a carer can be holding a person with both hands whilst still being able to operate the door access control.


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