Electric or any type of heating

Offices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from converted Victorian houses to purpose built glass/steel structures. No matter what type of heating/cooling system that you may have, HeatingSave can control your building cheaper and better than other BMS systems. Each HeatingSave T3520 controller can be networked with sub-units (T3516’s) which allows the controls to be distributed throughout the building without the need for all wires to come back to one place.

Better managing the heating in old Victorian converted houses or replacing old BMS system in conventional offices is the perfect time to install HeatingSave. You will get so much more for your money and have a simple-to-use software system that can be understood by all. No more calling out expensive BMS engineers to fiddle with the controls.

New Builds

Architects and those paying for new buildings; don’t just subcontract the BMS to the M&E contractor, so often chosen by the main contractor. If you do this, they will use their familiar controls company to provide you with a ludicrously expensive BMS system from one of the well known manufacturers (yes, we all know who they are). Here is a message to architects and those paying for the new building,

  • Get us in at the design stage. At no cost, we will help you specify the BMS system – and – no, it won’t just be around HeatingSave.
  • We will help you plan for the future with regard to energy management, comfort conditions and security.
  • We will, with others, bid for your valuable business – and let the best BMS system win!
  • Place the BMS contract separate to the general M&E contact. Remember, your client will still be running the building long after the construction people have left site.