grants for village halls

BEMS and HESMs for village halls

HeatingSave helps village halls save on bills. Our Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM) is a turn-key system that replaces your existing heating time clock to provide your hall or similar building with an inexpensive, all-in-one energy management, room booking and security access control system.

Our system can control electric and radiator based heating systems, along with automatic occupancy sensors, you have the ability to change the temperature of a room over 1,000 times a day. The HESM is delivering easier, more streamlined building management for village halls, charities and community trusts – so why not enquire today?

Village hall building management systems

Village halls range from small to big, including full-on community centres. An energy management system will work for all of them; it’s just a matter of scale. The smallest HeatingSave system will work for a house and some village halls are no bigger than that. It is also programmed with frost protection for unexpected weather changes, and includes fire, smoke and intruder alarms for total assurance.

You can buy HeatingSave online and self install it with local volunteers or we can survey the property and do the whole thing.

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Complete temperature control

If your village hall has a roof height of 4 metres or more then the chances are, that when you heat it, all of the hot air goes to the roof apex and stays there. Using our destratification fans connected to HeatingSave can significantly cut the cost and time to heat a hall. The hot air is pushed down as the HeatingSave village hall building management system varies the fan speed depending upon the activity taking place within the hall and the amount of hot air in the roof space. The fans are never too powerful or too noisy for what you are doing. In the Coplow Centre in Leicestershire, the cost and heat-up time for the hall was cut by 90%. The great thing about HeatingSave is that it produces all the data to prove it too.

“The big benefit for us is cutting costs. We’re confident we’ve saved a third on our gas bills.”

— Bernard Bone, Treasurer, Northiam Village Hall Trust

Streamline your room booking and event hire

If you don’t have an online room booking system to manage the hall usage, costs, charges, (including invoicing), then we have good news for you. Within the HeatingSave village hall building management system software is a simple but effective room booking system that allows you to not only reserve a room but also choose the room temperature that you require and unique keypad codes for access.

grants for village halls

Grants for village halls

ACRE provide a Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund, and under their requirements of ‘Demonstrates a positive impact on the environment’, HeatingSave are a suitable choice to help improve your operations. We’ve worked with halls such as Northiam Village Hall Trust to help see an installation complete through grants and donations, complete with an unrivalled aftercare service and support Helpdesk.

Helping you reach your net-zero carbon goals

The Carbon Trust and government-approved HeatingSave reporting system has the ability to allow users to track their carbon footprint and CO2 usage, along with making suggestions to help reduce excess energy use.

[HeatingSave] will save 33% of our heating energy usage and 15% of our overall carbon footprint.”

— Gus Alston, Chief Executive, Stonegrove Community Trust (Source)

Village halls can save 20-to-30%+ on energy bills, control access and manage room bookings with HeatingSave’s building energy management system.

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