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  1. Barnoldswick Conservative Club relies on HeatingSave for effective heating control

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    The Barnoldswick Conservative Club is one of the best-known and oldest social clubs in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, offering members the chance to socialize and also to engage in a wide range of leisure activities.

    The Club employs around 14 members of staff at all times, but its level of occupancy varies quite a lot, depending on the number of members visiting it at any given moment. Its central heating system features a gas-fired boiler, but also an immersion heating solution for the hot water.

    Mrs. Heather Sharples, the Club’s secretary, recalls that, around 2 years ago, the Club started looking for a solution that would grant its administrators a superior level of control over their heating system, but would also help them save money on the ever-increasing energy bills.

    Quite a few of our members had some issues with the thermostats the club used at the time for controlling heat. That’s why we’ve started searching for an alternate solution, that would grant us more control and, obviously, also save us money”, Mrs. Sharples told the HeatingSave reporter. (more…)