Advanced Room Booking System For Your Business


HeatingSave’s building energy management system features an advanced room booking system which gives users, such as village halls, hotels and leisure centres, to name a few, the ability to control their heating in coordination with bookings on the system.

There are many features that make the building energy management system (BEMS) so impressive; however, the advanced room booking system is one of the most effective features for customer-facing businesses and buildings that are used to rent/hire rooms for a variety of users. 

Key features of the room booking system

Heating diary

HeatingSave’s BEMS has one main outcome; to save your business money by better running your building. One of the most important features behind this genius is the room booking system and the heating diary that is produced to give users an automatic calculation of heating times/temperatures to match bookings. 

The heating diary works in coordination with the room/hall bookings, whether these are different classes at a village hall or even meetings for businesses within an office. It allows you to make recurring bookings on the system so that the targeted room can be at the desired temperature for the beginning of the booking every day/week/month, depending on your requirements. 

Zonal heating

Having the ability to heat or cool different areas or rooms within the same building can have massive financial benefits for your business or organisation. For example, HeatingSave’s room booking system automatically increases or decreases the temperature of the room that is booked for that time. This allows businesses and organisations to only heat rooms when necessary, which ultimately saves money on heating and energy bills but also allows them to reduce their carbon footprint

Automatic invoice

To make users’ lives even easier, our advanced room booking system has the ability to generate invoices for one-off bookings and can also re-process existing invoices which is especially useful for recurring bookings that are booked out for months in advance. This automatic invoice feature takes care of itself, saves users a lot of time, and frees up time for more important things to be done. 

If you would like further information on HeatingSave’s room booking system, as part of our building energy management system, and to begin reducing your heating bills today, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

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