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Biomass heating systems incinerate organic material such as wood pellets, wood chip and animal/waste by-products. However, for most systems, wood pellets are the fuel of choice. Apart from cheap energy, Biomass also cuts carbon emissions helping the UK to meet its CO₂ emissions target.
HeatingSave is a one-stop supplier for your Biomass heating system. We are not plumbers; so we have created a network of UK wide companies who are experts in installing Biomass boilers. These businesses have been checked out by HeatingSave and are contracted by us to install the heavy Biomass hardware. However, HeatingSave takes full responsibility for the complete Biomass installation, so that you have the peace-of-mind that you have the full backing of a public company, Tensor plc, to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Most importantly – these Biomass companies are LOCAL TO YOU.

Your new Biomass Heating System

We will undertake the complete project, bringing our unparalleled experience in cutting energy bills to provide you with a truly 21st century Biomass Heating Systems; from the initial site survey, specification and providing you with help and advice regarding the Government funded financial incentives (RHI). At the same time, we will install a brand new, state of the art HeatingSave control system to better manage the Biomass boiler. You will get so much more when you choose HeatingSave for your Biomass control system,

  • Biomass fuel reduction – HeatingSave lets you “tune” the boiler for maximum efficiency
  • Amazing graphics and visualisation of how well & efficient your Biomass is running
  • Email and Text alerts if plant/equipment fails
  • Energy monitoring and bill checking facility

A new Biomass system also give us the opportunity to help you zone every room possible so that you can set your heating/cooling to exactly mirror the way in which you use the building. Fuel savings here can be in excess of 50%. Quite simply, we will only heat/cool areas being used. We do this through Occupancy Management.

If the Biomass Heating Systems’ installation coincides with a refurbishment, then we can not only make savings in energy costs but also better manage and improve air quality, reporting and managing carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic substances within the atmosphere.

Most importantly we constantly measure the carbon monoxide (“CO”) parts-per-million (“ppm”) levels; something very important with Biomass systems. Not just go/not-go sensors. Low levels of CO create poor air quality which can cause long term health issues. HeatingSave is the only Biomass system that constantly measures CO, as low as 9ppm, alerting you via Text or email of any potential problems

Each Biomass system will be supported by our in-house consultants who will make sure that we get the job done right, and done right first time!

Quality Standards for Biomass Heating Systems

HeatingSave, Tensor plc and our network of Biomass engineers are fully qualified to provide you with a 1st class service. We are ISO9001 accredited and have a number of other accreditation to assure you that you made the right choice when selecting HeatingSave to undertake your Biomass installation.

Biomass after-sales maintenance support

We are familiar with maintenance issues and how these can impact upon the effectiveness of your operation. Whether you are a school, care home, healthcare facility, essential services; operating within other public or within the private sector we understand the importance of a swift, reliable, and professional response when a problem arises. Keeping you up and running will be our top priority.

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