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We have HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) – Home solutions running in homes ranging from one bedroom flats to large 10+ bedroom houses. The obvious winners are the 10+ bedroom houses but the savings on small flats are till there. What you need to consider is the cost of installing HeatingSave verses the annual savings.

  • If you buy a T3520 controller, then this will typically do everything you want for a dwelling 1 to 4 bedrooms depending upon the type heating system that you have? If you install HeatingSave yourself and run a small 2-core wire (only 24 volts DC) to each radiator that you want to control, then the cost of the equipment will be just £758 including VAT.
  • This is special starter pack deal that comprises a T3520 controller, 6 off wired TRV heads for 6 radiators (more if you group radiators) and all the software; including email, Text alerts and mobile phone Apps. If you have more radiators, then call us and we will help you size the system that meets your needs. The cost of adding extra radiators to the system is not too expensive, so long as we can do everything using the 8 relays on the T3520 controller. If you need more relays then this is not a problem, but it adds £397 to the price tag as you will need an extra T3516 sub unit to connect to the T3520 controller; but it does give you a further 8 relays, 8 temperature sensor inputs and 8 occupancy or switch inputs to use.
  • So, for an outlay of £758 you would typically cut 20% to 30% off your heating bill. You then need to work out how much this would be, divide it into the cost of the equipment to work out your pay-back period. We usually find that this is less than 5 years and in a number of cases has been just a few months. It all depending on how dreadful you current control system is? Remember, the Government’s Green Deal program expected a payback for “energy saving measures” to be 15+ years and the energy saving cost on double glazing to be 25 years. So, in this context HeatingSave looks pretty good!

New build or refurbing/converting your home??

For those contemplating building their own homes or refurbishing an existing building, the installation of HeatingSave is a no-brainer. This is the perfect time to inexpensively install cables to control radiators, boilers, pumps, valves to the normal equipment found within a home as well as cabling for new or advanced equipment such as solar PV, air or ground source heat pumps or air handling units. It’s probably best to call us with your requirements so that we can help you size the system that is best for you; but before you call us, just check that the cost and the payback period suits you.
We can also share our experiences with you that may well help you avoid expensive mistakes.

Holiday homes

Whether you use your holiday home exclusively for yourself, you rent it out, or a mixture of the two; HeatingSave will better manage and control/lower your heating bills as well as providing you with Text and email alerts if things go wrong. Your can set up HeatingSave to watch over your holiday home and Text you when nobody is there if,

  • Intruders are detected
  • There is a serious water
  • A smoke alarm is triggered
  • A sensor reaches a fire warning temperature
  • Your boiler fails to fire
  • The home gets too hot or cold

The beauty of HeatingSave is that you can use the Room Booking system as a rental/occupancy management system. This is web-based software so you can use this from your PC, laptop, smart phone or mobile device. This means that your home will be warm when you arrive and the heating will auto shutdown when you leave.

Occupancy management saves the most cash

Zoning different rooms for heating or cooling and using HeatingSave’s occupancy management software will make the greatest savings on your energy bills. Quite simply, HeatingSave will only heat/cool areas when they are in use. No matter how well your house is insulated, it will always leak heat. The important thing is to match the heating/cooling to your lifestyle and how you use your house.

Better run your boiler without changing it

Irrespective how old your boiler may be, its likely that HeatingSave will dramatically cut your heating bills. This is because it will better manage what you already have. Outside temperature compensation, zoning, occupancy management, heating diary, efficient frost protection are just some of the tools that HeatingSave will use to turbo charge the controls on your old heating system to help you slash your heating bills.

Mobile homes

HeatingSave have worked with research organisations and manufacturers to monitor and control the living conditions within mobile homes. HeatingSave can monitor/control LPG gas bottle levels as well as cutting energy costs for electrically heated dwellings.

Security emails and Text alerts

Being kept informed when problems occur is one of the great advantages of HeatingSave. It gives you peace-of-mind.

Not locked into an energy company or Internet giants or Smart Meters

We have extensively researched the impending Smart Meter roll-out by energy companies and its clear to us that the public are about to be trapped by the energy companies. HeatingSave have discovered that Smart Meter gateways are very bureaucratic to deploy due to the different security levels required by the energy companies and meter manufacturers. Smart Meters have essentially become a cartel of the energy companies, not allowing (unless at great expense) other companies, especially SME’s, to have logical read-only access to their equipment. HeatingSave has an inexpensive Smart Meter reader that it could connect to your HeatingSave system tomorrow, but the cartel is blocking this unless we give them £1000’s.
In order to connect to a private individual dwelling/business Smart Meter the energy company has to provide you with a software “code” else you can’t get access. It is also required to have the equipment tested by an independent entity, the meter company and the energy provider. No problem with the “independent entity” as this is right a reasonable cost to bear. The problem lies with the cartel who see this as a “cash cow”.
Due to the level of difficulty to get live data directly from the smart meter, we have developed a solution that collects electricity data via a sensor that count the flashing LED pulses on your electric meter and therefore does not require connecting to the Smart Meter directly. This solution has been thoroughly tested by our test department and has shown robustness on numerous monitoring projects such as Energy Performance Challenge project in Salford.
The solution for homeowners is to always install “pulse output” meters (they cost virtually the same price) for gas, electricity, water and oil, even if they are sub-meters. This way you can install HeatingSave or any similar competitor system and you won’t be at the behest of the cartel.
[Ed. You would think that the Government would have seen this coming, but I guess there aren’t too many science/engineering graduates amongst the fraternity of Members of Parliament]


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