HeatingSave Building Management System for Schools Better Manages Heating/Cooling

The HeatingSave Building Management System for Schools has been sold into a number of educational institutions, each one of them different but with the common theme that we cut their heating bills and gave them the tools to manage their own destiny. As more and more schools become academy’s the control and future of the school is placed firmly in the schools management team and the Governors.

Here, HeatingSave can help by freeing up cash to be better spent on education. In particular, if your school still has oil fired boilers, then installation of HeatingSave is a blindingly obvious energy-savings measure. We are also able to arrange funding so that there are no up-front capital cost.

A Teaching Aid

You probably never thought that the schools heating /cooling system could be used as a aid, but that’s exactly what we have done. Real-time displays using the existing school computers and the children’s/students smart phones can be used to demonstrate

  • How external temperatures vary throughout the year (natural sciences)
  • Show how energy is used within the school (natural sciences/physics)
  • How water can change state from liquid to solid and latent phase change energy (physics)
  • Graphs of boiler flow & return temperatures and hot water being consumer + room temperatures (maths)

Room booking system built in the HeatingSave Building Management System for Schools

The HeatingSave on-line room booking system is a brilliant way to self-manage the use of halls and auditoriums during the working days and then to rent them out to the public in the evenings and weekends. The system provides for invoicing and costing as well as being able to select the required temperature for the function taking place.

Heating of large school halls/gymnasiums

Any school hall or gymnasium with a roof height of 4 metres is likely to suffer from hot air stratification. Here, the hot air rises to the roof space and remains there until it eventually cools down. This means that the cost of heating the hall is higher than it should be and the air quality not as good as it could be. Fortunately, the HeatingSave Building Management System for schools has the answer by deploying our destratification fans connected to a HeatingSave controller. The fans automatically operate at a variable speed from 0 to 1,300 revolutions per minute. HeatingSave circulates the air so that the amount of hot air trapped in the roof space is minimised. The system intelligently controls the fan speed depending upon the activity taking place and the temperature difference between the ceiling and floor levels. In some village halls we have reduced the energy consumption and heat-up time by 90%.