A mixture of heating systems

It’s not unusual for a site to have a number of buildings each with a different heating/cooling system and each having a different type of control mechanism; ranging from a simple time clock to a BMS. HeatingSave is perfect for this type of site, as it allows the Facilities Manager to control and manage the energy usage from just one system.
We had an example were a HeatingSave system was installed for school with 5 heating systems. Before HeatingSave the site manager spent time going from building to building adjusting the heating. Now he does it all from his office.

Is your BMS system turned to “manual”

We come across BMS systems with the switches on the control panel turned to Manual. Below are some of the reasons we have been given as to why?

  • The BMS is too complicated. Rooms are either too hot or too cold. We have given up asking the controls company to put it right.
  • We get a bill from the BMS company every time they come out. We can’t afford it any more.
  • Have you seen the price of the controls company’s maintenance contract!
  • We wanted was a simple control system and they gave us a spaceship. Nobody understands it.

If this applies to you, then call us today. One of our engineers will visit your site and give you a free quotation.

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