HeatingSave reduces heating bills for large house in Eltisley

Mr Denman built a large modern house in Eltisley, Cambridgeshire some 10 years ago. A Rayburn range was installed to heat both the house and the hot water. Although Mr Denman used the latest central heating technology when the house was originally constructed, he was becoming concerned that with rising energy costs the system was not as efficient as it could be.

Mr Denman had particularly noticed how the price of oil had increased significantly this year and decided it was about time that he did something about it, so he installed a HeatingSave House and Home system.

After installing HeatingSave I noticed an immediate difference” he explained to the HeatingSave reporter. “The house is at a more even temperature and the feeling of ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ has just vanished. I know its saving me money!” he added.

When asked what he liked most about HeatingSave, “Cutting the cost of my heating bills” was Mr Denman’s first response. He then said, “I’ve wanted something like HeatingSave for some time. It gives me the degree of control that I just can’t get with normal thermostats and time clocks, and puts me in charge”.

Mr Denman showed the reporter his HeatingSave setup and explained how he used the existing cabling to connect the occupancy sensors to the HeatingSave controller. “The best part is that it’s automatic” he said “It works out the latest possible time to turn the boiler on 1st thing in the morning and automatically turns down the heating when we are not at home. It’s great!”.

Mr Denman concluded HeatingSave is an attractively priced effective product. I would recommend it to any home or business”.

Eltisley, Cambridgeshire

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