Stonycroft House cuts the cost of oil with HeatingSave

Stonycroft House is a substantial house in the delightful village of Edmondthorpe in Leicestershire. It is heated by a large oil fired boiler that has zone valves to control the flow of heat to the hot water cylinders and radiators. In 2009 the owner, Mr Bowden, was becoming concerned with the rising cost of oil and the predictions by the OECD that the price of oil could treble by 2025. “Heating a large house like Stonycroft is expensive” explained Mr Bowden to the HeatingSave reporter. “I needed to do something to improve the heating controls as I am often away on business and during this time the heating is on. The problem is that I might be called away and can’t always get back to change the heating settings”

After searching the Internet, Mr Bowden came across He checked with HeatingSave Ltd regarding what its Building Energy Management System could do for him and a HeatingSave House & Home system was installed shortly afterwards. The HeatingSave House & Home controls all aspect of heating and is linked to a PC that is also connected to the Internet. Mr Bowden can use his mobile phone to update the HeatingSave diary so the heating systems “knows” when he intends to be at home and when he will be away. “The savings I have made on oil consumption are quiet amazing”, explained Mr Bowden. “I think this is partly due to this heating algorithm they have in HeatingSave that works out the latest time to switch on the heating and the earliest time it can get away with switching it off. However, for me, it’s the occupancy sensors which I believe have made the greatest difference. That’s because they are automatic and turn down the heating if I don’t come home”

When asked what he liked most about HeatingSave Mr Bowden said, “Its got to be cutting the cost of my oil bill, but, what I like best are the occupancy sensors”.

Mr Bowden described how the house still feels just as warm now as before HeatingSave was installed. He also likes being able to view the heating graphs on his PC to see how well the system is working, When asked if he would recommend HeatingSave to other owners of large houses or businesses he said “Most definitely! I tell all my friends, you know. I am even thinking of selling it myself? With the current downturn in the economy, businesses and the public sector will be looking at ways to cut costs – and this is a great way to cut costs from waste – it’s a win, win situation”

Finally Mr Bowden added “Great product HeatingSave. Keep up the good work!”


Stonycroft House, 4 Main Street, Edmondthorpe, Rutland, Leicestershire

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