Adoption of building management systems set to be bolstered by global initiatives for energy efficiency

The adoption of global initiatives for energy efficiency and technological advancements the building management systems’ vertical are the key factors influencing the growth of building energy management solutions market globally, a recent market research report has been able to suggest.

Building management systems are integrated computerized solutions that enable cost-effective energy efficiency in buildings. These solutions include monitoring and controlling the operating devices and equipment of the building such as ventilation & air conditioning systems, heating, lighting, monitoring, detecting and other connected power systems.

BMS solutions enable the real-time monitoring and control on entire system connected to the building. Energy performance of the building is achieved by the continuous optimization of the building automation and control systems. Building energy management solutions also includes energy demand management, which deals with optimization energy utilization by integrating, government regulations, financial incentives and behavioral changes.

The increasing customer understanding about the business benefits of BMS solutions, rising carbon taxes, and favourable government polies to implement energy management solutions are expected to fuel the growth of building energy management solutions market globally.

However, high implementation cost, unstable economic condition and long-term return on investment are some of the factors restraining the growth of global building energy management solutions market.

HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) – combining the best of Energy Management, Lighting Controls, Access Control and Monitoring Services

The HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) will cut your energy usage by 20% to 30% with its energy management control, as its internal microprocessor constantly calculates and improves the efficiency and savings of your central heating system.

Using HeatingSave, simply choose the room temperature and the hot water you want, and when, and HeatingSave does the rest. It works with all central heating systems – oil, gas or coal – and links up with a PC to produce reports and graphs to fashion a powerful and
complete energy management system.

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