Attain complete control over energy bills with HeatingSave

A good level of control over one’s energy-related expenses represents an important cost-management measure, and this is where HeatingSave can really help businesses further cut their costs.

The HeatingSave T3518 Energy Monitor allows users to view and control in real-time the amount of electricity used throughout their building at any given moment. Plus, it also displays the overall costs of consumed energy, for the current and previous days, as well as the amount of CO2 produced every single day.

Additional important features include its ability to monitor and produce alarm events for water consumption and sub-metering of electricity on larger estates, as well as the possibility of issuing alert and warning messages to advise users of equipment breakdowns, security alerts and when energy/water consumption has exceeded expected levels.

Another main selling point the HeatingSave Energy Monitor has in store is represented by the fact that it enables customers to visualise their own energy consumption in a very clear, concise and friendly manner.

Plus, the web-based software can be accessed quite easily from a variety of devices, including notebooks, tablets and smartphones, practically granting users quite an impressive freedom of movement.

If you want to find out more about the HeatingSave Energy Monitor and the other components making up our advanced building energy management system, our dedicated product team is eagerly waiting for your query.  

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