Combat rising bills with microprocessor powered central heating control system

Scottish Power will raise the cost of gas by 19 per cent and the cost of electricity by 10% from August 1. Affected customers will see an average daily rise to a dual fuel energy bill of 48p per day. The company said the move reflected sustained increases in the wholesale energy market, and more energy companies are expected to follow suit. Scottish Power last put its prices up in November, when gas prices increased 2% and electricity bills 8.9%.

Customers facing hikes in their bills can act now by installing HeatingSave, a state-of-the-art microprocessor powered boiler and central heating control system. Room temperature set points are matched by the “heat loss algorithm” to automatically compensate for unusually warm or unusually cold days in spring and autumn. HeatingSave matches the outside temperature to the heating zone by automatically varying the zone set point to the outside temperature. This is just one of the ways HeatingSave makes its savings which in total can take 30 per cent off your bill.

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