Companies can go top of the league for minimising heating fuel wastage

A league table is being published intended to be an incentive for firms to see how they fare on improving in-house energy efficiency. Public details will be provided on those organisations that are doing well and companies that are failing to limit their energy use. The first-ever table revealed in 2012 was topped (fittingly, talking about tables) by Manchester United Football Club, jointly with 21 organisations including the Department of Energy and Climate Change, watchdog Ofgem and Center Parcs.

Using HeatingSave’s easy to manage Building Energy Management System, your firm can be top of the league for cutting emissions and heating costs. It cuts heating bills for large open workspaces and is approved by the independent, Government-created Carbon Trust. Typically with the HeatingSave PC and mobile software, 20 per cent-plus fuel savings are made on hot air blowers and recycling of roof space heat. The software also allows better control of weekend shift work heating to minimise heating fuel wastage.

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