Councils benefit from cost-cutting building energy micro-management

A wind of change is surging through a council as it seeks to exploit the energy efficiency market. Fife Council plans to use wind turbines to generate income and reduce emissions. It also estimates wind power would cut the council’s energy costs, which for the 2010/2011 financial year were £22 million. It stated: “The council should be looking at operating these turbines as part of our renewable energy strategy, as well as looking at what other opportunities there are in terms of renewable energy.”

Councils and other organisations spending much on energy costs should install HeatingSave. Our building energy management system (BEMS for short) is a computerised system that watches over and controls your business heating system at a micro level. It continuously analyses and adjusts your rooms to keep them at a constant temperature (of your choosing) all while using as little fuel as possible. To learn about the system in full detail take a look at our ‘jargon buster’ and see our other products.

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