Demand for energy management systems records strong growth

Demand for energy management systems and other energy saving measures from offices, schools and public buildings has grown significantly over the past few years, a recent report backed by the Green Investment Bank was able to reveal.

The recent Energy Efficiency Trends Report was drawn up by analyst EEVS Insight and supported by the UK Green Investment Bank and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It surveyed 26 energy efficiency equipment suppliers and 62 consumer organisations and found that, while the market is far from reaching its full potential, it showed confidence had reached a new high.

In fact, almost half of the suppliers said they had increased their employee headcount in the last quarter, while national orders had also grown.

The research also recorded a boost in demand from property owners for energy saving measures, with high energy efficiency lighting remaining the most popular technology, but demand also drive by boiler optimisation and refrigeration.

Offices were the most likely to commission energy efficiency upgrades, followed by public buildings, then schools and universities.

Bill Rogers, head of strategy at the UK Green Investment Bank, said the report showed potential for the fledgling market. “Greater energy efficiency is the key to a greener, more productive, competitive and secure UK economy,” he said.

“Although a relatively new market in the UK, non-domestic energy efficiency is fast growing and is forecast to require up to £15bn of investment between now and 2020. Confidence is critical to a new market which is why the report’s findings, showing optimistic suppliers and consumers, are such good news.”

An energy management and monitoring system can help companies stay on top of their energy usage and reduce their overall bills by running their light/heating systems in an optimum manner.

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