Energy management tool adjusts boiler temperature to increase efficiency and savings on fuel

The European Commission is planning a minimum tax on fuel for member states which would mean a rise in diesel prices. Under the plans, a new tax based on the carbon content of fuels would apply across member states, at a minimum of €20 per tonne of carbon dioxide. This is likely to affect diesel more than petrol, because most countries currently tax diesel more lightly. Connie Hedegaard, European commissioner for climate change, said: “It will encourage energy efficiency.”

If you are wondering how to improve energy efficiency on your fossil fuel heating system, HeatingSave’s computer controlled building energy management is the answer. For example, your boiler has a flow and return pipe carrying the heated water to the radiators and hot water cylinder(s). There should be several degrees difference between these for the heating system is working efficiently. HeatingSave constantly monitors the flow and return temperature, adjusting the boiler temperature to keep the boiler running efficiently and avoid wasting fuel. Savings through this feature alone can be up to 8%.

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