Heating management system controls energy usage of a building instead of just reporting it

More details have emerged concerning the Green Deal scheme which is designed to help people pay for home insulation and other energy saving measures. The plan is for authorised companies to pay for the insulation work and homeowners will repay the money, plus interest, through additional charges on their energy bills. Climate change minister Greg Barker said: “The Green Deal is the government’s flagship energy saving plan to transform the country’s homes to make them warmer and cheaper to run.”

The greenest deal of all is to fit to your boiler set-up a HeatingSave controller, a complete computerised building energy management system. HeatingSave calculates the amount of fuel and electricity each day to prove to you the saving it can make over your existing heating control system. In this sense, HeatingSave performs all the functions of a ‘Smart Metering’ system, but goes one stage further as it controls the energy usage instead of just reporting it. It includes service alerts that show when a heating service is due.

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