Heating system provides automatic control of hot water solar panels

Solar companies are taking legal action over cuts to the UK feed-in tariff. On Tuesday (April 19) they filed for a judicial review against Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, for his decision to review the tariffs that boost revenues for renewable power. Earlier in the year ministers said they would end subsidies to large-scale solar power installations from this summer to ensure all money available would go to small commercial or household installations.

Built into HeatingSave’s revolutionary microprocessor-powered heating control system is the ability to control solar panels (flat panels or the more efficient glass evacuated tube type) and use these to heat or pre-heat hot water cylinders. Up to four “heat dump” zones are managed by HeatingSave. These typically will be hot water cylinders, (one or two coil types), heat stores, swimming pools or even a heated towel rail. Unlike simple solar panel controllers, HeatingSave provides automatic control of the resulting hot water by directing it to either the hot taps or as pre-heated water into a secondary cylinder.

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