HeatingSave helps to fight growing greenhouse gas emissions

A HeatingSave building energy management controller can help save the planet as emissions from nations go up worldwide. A report released by Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said the country’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions grew from 1.25 billion tonnes in 1994 to 1.90 billion tonnes in 2007, confirming India among the world’s biggest emitters.

Despite the increase, “the emissions of the United States and China are almost four times that of India in 2007”, Ramesh was quick to point out to a press conference. India offered to reduce its carbon intensity (the amount of energy used per unit of gross domestic product) by 20 to 25 per cent by 2020 compared to 2005 levels ahead of a UN climate conference in Copenhagen last December last year. Talks on a global binding agreement at the conference broke down.

However, replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller can enable you to ‘do your bit’ on reducing carbon pollution, because the controller’s computer uses temperature sensors and a heat-loss algorithm to make your central heating more efficient. Thus there are fewer greenhouse gas emissions as by-products of burning fossil fuels for heat and hot water.

Install and forget is the principle of HeatingSave as its internal computer constantly re-calculates and improves its efficiency. You can use HeatingSave as stand alone or link it to your PC to create a powerful energy management system. The system’s ‘green’ credentials are given official approval as it is backed by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust.

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