HeatingSave is CERT approved by Ofgem

HeatingSave is now officially accredited by Ofgem under the CERT scheme for carbon reduction and has been registered on the OfGem website.

Ofgem is the Government Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets where protecting consumers is their first priority. They do this by promoting competition, wherever appropriate, and regulating the monopoly companies which run the gas and electricity

Ofgem also has certain statutory duties under the CERT legislation. These include requesting and collecting specified data, from the suppliers, on a quarterly basis and evaluating and analyzing products for inclusion of their list of approved carbon reduction products.

Nigel Smith, Managing Director of HeatingSave said, “CERT approval is yet further official endorsement and recognition of how a HeatingSave system can slash energy bills for consumer and businesses alike, whether this is as a retrofit to an existing heating or cooling system or when designed into the construction of a new building”.

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