HeatingSave Small Business system approved by DEFRA

The Carbon Trust and the Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have added the HeatingSave Small Business system to the Energy Technology List of approved products for the enhanced capital allowances scheme. It has been registered under Boiler Equipment, sub-technology optimising Controllers for Wet Heating Systems. The product application/certification number is 43922.

Dr Alex Starling who oversaw and witnessed the scientific and accreditation preparation work of HeatingSave commented “I was very impressed by the HeatingSave small business boiler and heating management system. Tests so far show a minimum fuel saving of 24% per annum, which of course is a significant cash saving, as well as saving on CO2 emissions too”. The HeatingSave Small Business system has been installed in a variety of businesses ranging from industrial manufacturing companies to high street shops and offices. It seems set to be a winner amongst the SME marketplace as the starting price is just £796 plus VAT; often paying for itself within 18 months.

The latest version of the Small Business system, due to be launched in August 2009, also manages external lighting and air conditioning all within the same system. One of the features of the system that sets it apart from any competitor is the PC software package that is included with the Small Business version of the system. This not only allows you the easily manage the boiler controller but also gives you costing data and minute-by-minute graphs showing you how the savings are made.

In conclusion Dr Starling said “…. every small and medium sized business needs a system like HeatingSave for this winter”.

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