How British Gas customers can enjoy savings on fuel bills to make up for recent rises

In a move which has been widely predicted but is still unwelcome nevertheless, British Gas is putting up gas prices by 18 per cent and electricity prices by 16% from August 18, 2011. The utility last raised its rates back in December 2010 by 6.9% for gas and 6.7% for electricity. This means British Gas customers will have seen their bills increase by one-quarter in the last year alone. The firm has blamed the rises on the increasing wholesale cost of gas.

Before August comes British Gas customers can order a HeatingSave boiler control system so that they can enjoy 20% to 30% savings on their annual fuel bills to make up for recent rises. At the heart of HeatingSave is a state-of-the-art microprocessor connected to a number of temperature sensors around the central heating system. HeatingSave makes its savings by using a unique heat loss algorithm comprising multiple quadratic equations for each heating zone to switch the heating on as late as possible to still reach the required temperature by the required time.

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