How businesses can cut bills by switching off heating at weekends

Energy Saving Trust small and medium businesses SMEs insulation Green Deal heating bills HeatingSave heat-loss profile automatically adjusts boiler switch off weekends building unusedThe Energy Saving Trust offers a new capital package of support which will prepare small and medium businesses (also known as SMEs) for energy saving. Aimed at SMEs based in London in the construction sector – insulation, heating, lighting, glazing – the Trust is running a series of three workshops which will outline the opportunities for retrofit. They will also cover what certification might be needed for the Green Deal. More information can be gained by visiting the website

Small businesses often pay more for their heating bills but they can slash them by 20% to 30% and more with HeatingSave. HeatingSave’s controller “self learns” the heat-loss profile of your building so that it can switch on your heating on later if it is warm and also switch off earlier if it’s cold. It also automatically adjusts your boiler depending on how warm it is outside, which saves 10% alone. It will switch off the heating at weekends if the building is being unused.

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