IGas to start shale gas drilling between Manchester and Liverpool

Although there’s still an ongoing debate regarding the advantages, as well as the dangers provided by shale gas and drilling for it, it seems that at least some companies are willing to take the risk, with IGas being among the first to do so.

According to a recent news report, IGas, who is partly owned by a Chinese state company, has plans to start drilling two wells between Manchester and Liverpool in order to search for shale gas, with locations in Surrey and Sussex also being considered.

Andrew Austin, the chief executive of IGas, said no exact location has been decided for the new wells but they would be on “brownfield” land already used by other industries between the two north-west cities.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles on this topic, the debate regarding the future of fracking and shale gas is quite a heated one, some experts actually arguing that extensive shale gas drilling will have little to no effect on the actual prices of gas across the UK.

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