Intelligent heating controller saves hundreds of pounds

On the market are many energy-saving gadgets which are claimed to be making a big difference to the amount of energy you use in your daily life. Among them is a Radiator Booster, which circulates the hot air that rises off your radiator much more quickly around the room. It claims to reduce energy costs for households by about £10 per month because it saves the boiler from doing as much work. A better choice would be the intelligent heating controller available from HeatingSave, which benefits both homes and businesses.

The controller measures the outside and inside temperature of your building, and by using its specially created algorithm, works out the minimum time to switch on the boiler in order for the rooms to be heated. HeatingSave also switches off the boiler early on warm days at the end of the heating period, saving up to another 8% of fuel. HeatingSave’s PC software also shows you how much your heating is costing, and overall savings will number in the hundreds of pounds. A business version is available for larger sites and companies, with loans or grants a possibility to help with costs.

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