London’s infrastructure needs to be secured against climate threats, analyst warns

London (and other similar super-cities) need to be future-proofed so that they can function effectively as low carbon hubs as demand grows for more housing stock and transport frameworks, Forum for the Future CEO Peter Madden said at the launch of Open-City’s GreenSky Thinking week.

During his speech, Mr. Madden argued that many companies were not adapting fast enough to mitigate the effects of a series of powerful factors influencing modern societies, such as climate change, rising population and the digital space.

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Furthermore, the automatic processing nature of the HeatingSave Intelligent Controllers maintain comfort conditions and allow for the utility bills and other manually input data combine with automatic data from our control systems. The advanced PC software gives users full control over the costs, CO2 statistics and graphical pyramid reporting of energy usage, making the whole energy management process a lot easier.

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