Money saving boiler control system also manages lighting usage in a building

A council says it is saving more than £3,000 a month by turning off some street lights after midnight. Carmarthenshire council ensures that 3,000 of the lights within its jurisdiction are dimmed in the early hours of the morning. The measure was now saving around £3,370 per month on last year’s energy bill, according to a report, but it pointed out that energy prices had gone up by 19 per cent this year.

HeatingSave, the microprocessor powered boiler control system which saves up to one-third off bills compared to your existing heating system, better manages any type of heating, lighting, electricity and water usage. For lighting, HeatingSave allows you to install our light level sensors and connect these into spare temperature sensor sockets on the existing HeatingSave system. Two types of light sensor are available: outside light level sensors and inside light sensors. The latter sensor measures internal luminescence. There are four trigger points for detecting thresholds typically for minimum lighting levels in offices, factories and workshops.

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