NHS energy managers come under fire over salaries, efficiency

Energy managers working for the National Health System have come under fire as the Taxpayers’ Alliance branded the NHS’ “green” staff a “waste” of public money.

In a recent statement, the group claimed that NHS trusts across the UK spent at least £3.5 million on wages for 86 members of staff covering a variety of roles, ranging from sustainability to energy management, a news source can reveal.

The group claimed its own previous research showed trusts “significantly overpaid” for their energy, which effectively means that energy managers were not doing their jobs properly.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “The NHS employs far too many people in jobs that do nothing to deliver frontline patient care. It’s time for health chiefs to launch a war on waste and ensure the NHS budget is spent on patients rather than squandered on bureaucrats.”

However, Lord Redesdale, CEO of the Energy Managers Association said the criticism shows a “fundamental misunderstanding” of the role of energy managers.

He said: “Hospitals are complex 24/7 operations that are very energy intensive. Controlling energy cost is a constant battle. At a time when energy prices look set to rise significantly over the next five years, this will mean that the NHS will have to contribute more to the energy suppliers and in a time of limited budgets find the savings from frontline services.”

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