Poor energy management can affect any company’s bottom line, says DONG managing director

Treating the concept of energy management as just a “good thing to have” can actually have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line, DONG Energy Sales Managing Director Mike Hogg suggested in a recent interview.

As EnergyLiveNews reports, the energy supplier’s director said that “Companies need to ensure they take a holistic view of how to use energy effectively and green their footprint, whilst fitting into the overall cost and management portfolio. Energy usage should be addressed regularly within a mandated framework as taking an ad hoc, reactionary approach can leave businesses vulnerable to challenges such as price volatility.”

Within the interview, Mr. Hogg also suggested that the next step for businesses is to be “proactive” about the data collection aspect of energy management, which would help establish an optimum and cost-effective purchasing and usage strategy.

“Understanding how we use energy is the first step to managing it. More importantly, monitoring energy usage can help turn this triple challenge into a triple opportunity for businesses to save, secure and comply” said Mr. Hogg.

Achieving energy savings within the non-domestic sector can be easily achieved by implementing advanced advanced BEMS (Building Energy Management System) solutions, and this is exactly where the HeatingSave system might prove its worth, since our solution allows customers to achieve immediately savings of up to 30%+ on their energy bills.

HeatingSave enables highly accurate energy monitoring throughout any site via internal and external temperature, flow and return, humidity and occupancy sensors. The data acquired by all of these sensors is then combined within the HeatingSave advanced heat-loss algorithm that allows the system to optimize the building’s energy consumption.

With HeatingSave, a company’s energy manager will be constantly updated on the energy costings and expenditure, making it significantly easier to properly forecast an energy-related budget.

If you’d like to find out more about the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System, then simply contact our dedicated product team, they’ll help you get all the necessary information and answer all of your queries.

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