Renewable energy could help the UK achieve zero carbon target, report suggests

Even with existing technology, the UK could still achieve its zero carbon targets, a new report by the Center for Alternative Technology has revealed.

According to a media source, extensive research demonstrates that, by simply investing in a variety of renewable energy solutions easily accessible within the UK (excluding nuclear power plants) a reliable zero carbon energy supply can be achieved, without negatively impacting on quality of life.

Furthermore, the same study suggests that some significant changes to our buildings, transport systems and behaviour will also be required, in order to attain the aforementioned targets.

The scenario employed by researchers also balances out some greenhouse gas emissions that cannot currently be eliminated from non-energy processes (industry, waste and agriculture) by using safe, sustainable and reliable methods of capturing carbon.

Implementing specific smart control solutions designed to improve the level of heating efficiency across both domestic and commercial buildings is yet another factor that could help reduce energy consumption (and, with it, carbon generation), and that’s specifically where Building Energy Management Systems come into play.

Building Energy Management Systems are capable of delivering extensive monitoring and control options, compared to basic controls. They typically employ data from a variety of sources (boiler flow and return sensors, internal and external temperature sensors, occupancy sensors, humidity sensors, etc.), and enable the perfect optimization of a building’s boiler-based central heating system.

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