Save money and go wireless with HeatingSave and Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network

One of the most important steps in the successful deployment of a HeatingSave system is a thorough site survey, in order to determine the best possible installation solutions for the respective building.

While wired, cable-based systems offer a higher level of security (they’re more difficult to tamper with than a wireless network), the truth of the matter is that, in certain specific situations, they’re not really cost effective, or their installation can be a very difficult and, sometimes, unsightly job.

If that’s the case, then a Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network mesh network will manage to get the job done, making the whole installation process a lot easier, since all of the Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network-enabled components that make up the HeatingSave system will actually search for and find each other on the network in a very fast and easy manner.

Our latest generation HeatingSave controllers feature built-in Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network technology, allowing them to easily deploy Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network protocols, for a fully-wireless system. However, HeatingSave technology is also extremely easy to customize, meaning that it enables the use of mixed (Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network wireless and standard, wired) interfaces, in order to optimize the installation process according to the customer’s requirements.

Additionally, since we manufacture or supply a wide array of Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network based products (occupancy sensors, relay units for pumps, valves, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, smoke detectors, light switches, etc.), you won’t have to worry about any possible compatibility issues with the HeatingSave controller.

If you’re not exactly sure which HeatingSave solution would best suit your building or buildings and meet your requirements, we offer you a Free Energy Survey that will provide you with expert advice on the optimum installation process for your specific situation.  

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