Scotland launches major energy efficiency drive in the public sector

Scotland has just announced the launch of a highly ambitious energy efficiency scheme that aims to retrofit the country’s public sector buildings in order to attain higher levels of energy efficiency.

As part of this scheme, public sector organisations and registered social landlords can choose to have a combination of energy efficiency measures installed across their buildings. That includes building fabric, environmental service systems and their controls such as heating, cooling, lighting and water as well as local generation such as combined heat and power and district heating systems.

It is estimated that retrofit works, will be worth £300 million across Scotland’s public sector, with the whole project expected to help save up to £30 million a year on energy bills.

Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “This scheme could transform our public sector buildings and has the potential to save taxpayers millions of pounds. Improving the energy efficiency of all of Scotland’s buildings is a National Infrastructure Priority and this is a significant step forward in the drive to cut energy and maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions.

“These projects pay for themselves as energy savings will, over time, pay for the installation costs and will also deliver a variety of wider community benefit including employment opportunities and business growth opportunities for the Scottish supply chain.”

HeatingSave – the perfect energy efficiency system for retrofit projects

Building energy management systems might represent a sizeable investment for any company, but the rapidly rising energy prices can actually deliver a very rapid return on investment.

Regardless of the particular approach, directors or organization leaders who are serious about slashing their energy bills will need to consider retrofitting their premises in some way, whether we’re talking about putting in renewable energy measures or more complex Building Energy Management Systems.

An energy management and monitoring system can help companies stay on top of their energy usage and reduce their overall bills by running their light/heating systems in an optimum manner.

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