Temperature sensors connected to your boiler save money on central heating

Energy experts have pointed out the inevitability of ‘big six’ energy company EDF Energy putting bills up at the first possible opportunity after its price promise had finished. The company took on many new customers recently mainly due to its winter guarantee, which stated that bills were frozen until the beginning of this month. Its rivals had started raising prices earlier, but now all six have done so, consumer groups calculate that average yearly combined bills have gone up by almost £70.

Those on EDF tariffs can install the high-tech HeatingSave Building Energy Management System to save up to one-third off heating bills. The HeatingSave controller constantly reads the temperature from sensors connected to the flow and return pipe of your boiler, hot water tank and outside your home to learn about the heat loss profile of your house. This is constantly recalculated and refined each day so that HeatingSave can more efficiently use the way in which your central heating system is switched on and off to keep you warm while drastically lowering fuel usage and bills.

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