UK government asks energy suppliers to freeze energy prices until mid-2015

The UK government is urging the Big Six energy suppliers to freeze energy prices until mid-2015, in an attempt to avoid further increases in energy bills ahead of the next election, reputable media sources have revealed. 
The commitment would be a part of wider set of measures, that would ultimately lead to around 50 pounds being slashed off the typical dual-fuel annual bills, assuming that there was no major rise in wholesale prices during the 18-month period. 
According to sources close to the Big Six energy suppliers, the key to attaining the aforementioned savings is to change the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, which requires the firms to deliver energy efficiency measures to homes. 
Other policies that should undergo major changes are the Carbon Price Floor and the Renewables Obligation, which would drive costs higher in the years ahead.
Unfortunately, it’s not yet quite clear whether the Government’s appeal will have any effect or (more likely) rather fall onto the shareholder’s deaf ears, so implementing a set of advanced energy saving-measures seems to be a much better idea, at least on the long-term. 
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