Energy efficiency improvements in Ireland need to treble, SEAI believes

The number of homes and businesses in Ireland being upgraded to improve energy efficiency needs to go up three times, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has recommended.

In order for the country to reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020, it needs to achieve savings equating to 31,925GWh of power, the organization said within the ‘Ireland’s Energy Targets – Progress, Ambition and Impacts’ report.

The SEAI said consumers saved more than €700 million (£567m) on energy costs and cut 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 by the end of 2014. Achieving the 2020 target will deliver total savings of 7.6 million tonnes of CO2 and €2.4 billion (£1.94bn) annually in reduced energy bills.

Dr Eimear Cotter, Head of Low Carbon Technologies with SEAI said: “We have made substantial progress to date but continued action across all of society is required if we are to move Ireland’s energy system onto a low carbon pathway.”

HeatingSave – the perfect Building Energy Management System for cutting emissions in new and existing buildings

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HeatingSave grants energy managers an extensive level of control over the building’s heating patterns, meaning that heating will not be on during weekends or holidays unless the building is actually in use. The system also enables automatic occupancy detection allowing the temperature to be reduced to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.

It’s also very important to mention that HeatingSave can take an automatic decision on whether to use electricity or gas for heating during summer, and also enables users to set a night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.

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