Energy efficient, Internet-connected, low-carbon homes to become the standard on the future, research suggests

Energy efficient, low-carbon homes will become the standard within the next couple of decades, as the advent of Internet-connected devices and monitoring solutions forever changes the way energy is spent within households, a recent research report has been able to suggest.

The installation of smart meters is a starting point for increasingly connected homes. Increased connectivity gives us the opportunity to control more of our homes’ functions as well as monitoring energy consumption, which should allow us to become more conscious consumers.

A continuation of the tightening of Building Regulations is expected to continue to change how new homes are constructed, with the success of continental approaches like Passivhaus influencing much higher levels of insulation being installed in building fabric. The UK Government’s Spring Statement made a commitment to introducing its Future Homes Standard, which will include ‘world-leading levels of energy efficiency’ and low-carbon heating in all new build homes.

But a changing climate and improved thermal efficiency of homes could introduce new problems. Building energy efficient new homes and retrofitting older properties without consideration of the natural energy gains from people, appliances and particularly the sun could risk overheating.

HeatingSave – helping home owners save energy and money

Domestic and non-domestic customers alike can take advantage of the impressive level of energy efficiency enabled by the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System, which allows user to save 20 to 30 percent on their gas and electricity bills by optimizing consumption levels across any building, depending on its specific heat-loss profile.

Plus, the system also includes automatic occupancy detection features, allowing the temperature to be reduced to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.

It’s also very important to mention that HeatingSave can take an automatic decision on whether to use electricity or gas for heating during summer, and also enables users to set a night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.

If you’re already interested in what HeatingSave has in store and you’d like to find out more on the matter, just get in touch, our dedicated product team will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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