Four million UK householders owe suppliers £507m, survey finds

Despite recent cuts to tariffs and the roll out of multiple schemes and programmes designed to help people save on their energy bills, the number of households in debt to their energy company is estimated to have grown by 260,000 since last year, with close to four million UK householders collectively owing suppliers £507 million right now.

The average debt per household is £130, up from £128 last year, a uSwitch poll suggests. The survey found 30 per cent of consumers are choosing to “turn a blind eye” to rising debt in the hope it will decrease over time, while just 19 per cent said they were able to pay it off in one lump sum.USwitch director of consumer policy Ann Robinson said: “This is evidence that energy has become totally unaffordable for millions of homes.

“Not only are more households in the red to their energy supplier, but the amount they owe has gone up, despite the recent price cuts. Energy suppliers must urgently pass on double-digit reductions to their customers – many of whom have admitted to going cold this winter in an attempt to keep their bills down.”

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