HeatingSave offers Substantial Grant for Replacing Allen Martin BMS systems

Allen Martin, the manufacturer of BMS systems for over 30 years, went bust in July 2019. Since then, many of Allen-Martin’s customers are finding is almost impossible to get support for these systems. The good news is that a new grant of £1,000 is being offered to all Allen Martin customers who want to scrap their old BMS system.

The grant offered by HeatingSave Ltd is towards a new replacement HeatingSave BMS controller that will better manage their heating/cooling and cut their energy bills.

The HeatingSave software has graphical energy management software better than the old Allen Martin equivalent and what’s more is approved and recommended on the Government Energy Technology List – something the old Allen Martin systems never did do.

Tensor plc, the owner of HeatingSave, are also offering a new financing package for all HeatingSave/Allen Martin replacement systems, meaning that the cost of any new system can be spread over 6 years. Great news in these Covid19 cash-strapped times.

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