12m British Gas customers to pay £100 more on their energy bills

Centrica-owned British Gas, one of the UK’s most important energy suppliers, is likely to hit its 12 million customers with an estimated 8 percent price rise over the next few weeks, multiple media news sources have revealed.

Such a price hike will have a significant adverse effect, since customers on a typical dual fuel bill are likely to pay up to 100 pounds more on a yearly basis.

Such an unwanted move follows yet another 6 percent price hike implemented last winter. British Gas received quite a significant amount of public backlash over the respective move, especially since it also reported a 3.2 percent rise in profits over the same period.

Most of the clues in the company’s previous statements seem to indicate that British Gas is likely to blame the price increase on the government’s ‘energy company obligation’ efficiency scheme, as well as increased grid costs.

Unfortunately, market analysts expect all the ‘Big Six’ suppliers to raise prices this year as they are similarly affected by rising costs, and it’s likely the British Gas will wait for another supplier to make a move, in order to at least partially avoid the backlash set to follow.

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