Babies will drive up their parents’ energy bills, but HeatingSave can help keep costs down

A new research paper by energy supplier E.ON reveals that nearly two-thirds of new parents across the UK spend more on their energy bills with baby’s arrival.

In fact, according to the respective report, in the first three months after the birth of their new baby, 64% of new parents found they used more energy, with 18% finding their energy use went up considerably.

Most of the extra energy spending comes from using appliances such as the washing machine and tumble drier a lot more than before, but some also comes from extra heating (especially if the baby was born in the colder autumn and winter months).

Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON, said: “New parents are faced with lots of additional costs, but one thing they may not consider is how baby’s arrival will affect their energy consumption.

“It’s clear from our research that the way families use their appliances changes significantly when a new baby arrives, and we want to ensure people have the information and advice they need to use energy as efficiently as possible to help them control their energy bills.”

If your family is also expecting an extra member in the near future and you’re already starting to seriously consider implementing a solution that will allow you to cut your energy bills, then HeatingSave is just the thing to get, since it’s a great solution for any home user who’d like to cut their energy consumption levels by up to 20 to 30+%.

Employing an advanced array of sensors and a state-of-the-art controller, HeatingSave will optimize your household’s energy consumption levels depending on internal and external temperatures, occupancy, etc. The system “self learns” your house’s heat-loss profile and adjusts its functionality based on that, also automatically adjusting your boiler depending on how warm it is outside, which will help you save up to another 10%.

While most sensors are used solely for the purpose of continuously transmitting temperature-related information to the central HeatingSave controller, we also offer a sensor version fitted with 4 programmable touch buttons that will enable you to quickly “boost” the heating system for a short period of time, or inform HeatingSave on your apparent temperature (the temperature your body feels), thus allowing it to make the necessary changes in order to ensure an optimum level of comfort.

So, if you’re interested in saving money for other purposes, while keeping your house warm for your newborn baby, do contact our professional sales team, we’ll be happy to help you cut your bills and stay comfortable too.     

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